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An extra pair of hands for a secure development life cycle

A good DevSecOps program gives you more control, yet gets out of the way. Easily control the execution and coverage of security tooling, while sending important or new issues to Slack, Jira, or your favourite interface.

Total transparency

Spot all your current vulnerabilities in your software with a one-stop integrated solution.

  • Deep integration with source code and containers registry.
  • Ready to go toolkits to understand what you are testing.
  • Integrations with industry standard security tools.
  • We manage the tool execution for you.

Eliminate false positives

Stop making educated guesses and prioritise the right vulnerabilities at the right time of the development process.

  • Calculate the value at risk for every vulnerability.
  • Identify false positives once and never worry about them again.
  • Seamlessly collate all tool outputs without any overlap.

Simple integrations that scale

Access vulnerability information during the CI build process with reliable and repeatable CI platform integrations.

  • We provide the hooks and scripts to integrate with your systems.
  • Reuse existing custom scripts to tailor our solution to your needs.
  • Utilise smart defaults that complement your environment.

What the Uleska platform can do for you

What the Uleska platform can do for you

DevOps know all too well how frustrating it is to carry out application security testing. Identifying vulnerabilities in your software is complicated enough, but even when you find issues, it can be a pain knowing which to prioritise. Stop relying on standalone tools and spreadsheets - let Uleska simplify security.

Security engineers are fighting a losing battle. Often vastly outnumbered by developers, they’re responsible for the security of code they played no part in writing. Even when they can carry out testing, they’re seen as a bottleneck that slows down the whole process. Uleska switches manual processes to automatic ones, giving SecOps the tools needed to raise standards and awareness. 

  • Automatically highlight new issues and avoid falling behind. 
  • Stop testing applications manually. Automate manual testing runs and get the vital answers you need. 
  • Provide a single and transparent source of truth for current vulnerabilities. 
  • Collate reports from multiple tools in one easy-to-access place.

It’s common for security to sometimes feel like an afterthought. It’s not a high priority for anyone outside the security team until there’s an urgent problem. Building secure software brings competing pressures and it’s not always easy to know which tools will help. Our solution lets you present the most important information in an easy-to-digest format so that everyone knows what’s going on. 

  • Sort security issues by cost and risk so that everyone understands. 
  • Simple integrations with tools like Slack allow you to give feedback to developers quickly. 
  • Choose tools based on their usefulness, not their speed or ease of integration. 
  • Understand tool output so you know exactly where to focus your time, attention and resources.

Simple, streamlined and seamless integrations

Ready to get started?



Onboard your source code, container images, binaries and running services.



We utilise the right test tools for the job and bring you a single set of results.



Use our CI and CD plugins or CLI client to test automatically throughout your software lifecycle.


of DevOps teams indicated that security, compliance, and governance was still their top technology bottleneck.


Number of times the average web app was attacked in a month.

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