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Uleska brings you SecureDesigner

SecureDesigner empowers software teams to proactively handle software security as they are building their products.  Day in, day out.  Saving you time and money, by reducing your need for consultants to run vulnerability scans, and reducing the wasted weeks or months going back and recoding for security.


With Uleska, software teams get immediate access to the application security knowledge, code modules and automated security tests they need to secure their software today.

Automated Security Testing

Auto-generated test scripts which assure your project against your company's security posture. These can be incorporated into any Agile/CI/CD environment to run automatically

Security Requirement Advisor

Auto-generated security requirements document detailing the security controls needed for your project. These are based on security best practice and relevant to your security posture.

Security Tool Kit

Auto-generated implementation modules specific to your security posture and project. Based on the best practises, the modules can be integrated like any 3rd party library


Explainer video: