Automate all your security tools in one place

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Eliminate manual security tasks by easily hooking end-to-end security automation into your CI/CD . Secure your software at speed and scale.

Uleska offers a plug and play security solution which allows your team to create automated workflows, orchestrate tools, get alerts and recommendations - so they can release secure code, much faster.
Hook security tools into your DevOps

Every manual step breaks speed and scale.

A good DevSecOps program gives you more control, yet gets out of the way. Easily control the execution and coverage of security tooling, while sending important or new issues to Slack, Jira, or your favourite interface.

How we do it

Wrap cyber risk management into your agile development and continuous integration.

Report on risk and handle compliance
Helps managers cover compliance, regulation and technical security coverage with efficient reporting of risk.
Work smarter, not harder
The Uleska Platform gives managers the technical integrations needed and reduces the headcount needed for software security by over 50%...
Reduce risk and cost
Effectively and efficiently reduce ongoing risk, through one security scan Uleska has managed to save organisations up to £1.5m in potential risk.
Automate manual processes
Keep up with the pace of Agile and DevOps programs, along with daily or weekly software releases, by security testing automatically.
Quickly scale projects
Uleska allows security teams to speed up processes like penetration testing or vulnerability scanning automatically and at scale.
Security Teams
Communicate throughout builds
The Uleska Platform allows for same day setup and risk communication, reducing the strain on security teams.
Agile testing
Agile, CI/CD, DevOps has allowed software development to advance rapidly, Uleska allows for developers and security testing to match this.
Integrate your favourite tools
The ability to integrate Uleska with your favourite tools such as Jenkins, Jira, Slack and many more allows for quality development.
Flexibility for developers
Flexible security checks can be wrapped into your existing development and CI/CD environment, giving you immediate feedback.

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Case Studies

"Uleska has fundamentally changed the way we achieve secure software development. It allows us to innovate at the speed we want to rather than being shackled to yearly penetration testing."

Denis McIlroy
Edinburgh Airport, Head of IT Architecture & Security