Gary Robinson Uleska


Founder & Chief Security Officer

Gary has been in software development and application security for over 20 years, starting off as a coder in telecoms before moving into DevOps, then into AppSec as a Senior Application Security Architect at CitiGroup. Gary’s a regular speaker at security conferences, and works closely with OWASP, where he’s ran a local chapter, project led the OWASP Code Review Guide as well as contributing to the OWASP ASVS standard, and was then voted onto the OWASP Global Board in 2019.

Gary founded Uleska and helps security teams manage the pace of software teams and security testing, and to help companies get rid of the manual tasks that bottleneck fast paced AppSec.

Jamie Graves Uleska


Chief Executive Officer

Jamie Graves is a cyber security expert and entrepreneur with a proven track record of bringing products to market, building high performing teams, and driving commercial growth.

The team Jamie formed and led at ZoneFox developed an award-winning product providing customers with visibility into malicious behaviour to help protect business-critical data. In October of 2018 ZoneFox was acquired by US-based Fortinet Inc.

Jamie joined Uleska in 2020 as Chief Strategy Officer and became CEO in October of 2021.

Martin Hewitt Uleska


Chief Product Officer

Martin has a 15-year background in software engineering, product development, and entrepreneurship across the public and private sectors. He has built products for the most security-conscious organisations on the planet, built products with communities into the tens of thousands of participants, and shepherded products through hyper-growth and acquisition.

With a range of experience from small startups to regulated organisations, Martin brings his experience of how different organisations build software to Uleska, where he works to help them secure it as they build.

Raquel Soares Uleska


Chief Marketing Officer

Raquel Soares is an experienced marketing leader with over ten years of experience in helping technology companies build their brands, refine their messaging and deliver demand generation programs.

Raquel joined Uleska in March 2021 as Chief Marketing Officer and prior to this held marketing roles at Stack Overflow, GoCardless and the Bechtle Group.

Raquel holds a Master of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Leeds and is passionate about social causes like gender and racial equality in the workplace.

How Uleska works


Uleska is a software platform that allows development and security teams to remove all of the pain from starting and scaling their application security program.

Uleska gives our customers the ability to select their favourite Application Security tools, easily integrate them into their release pipeline, automatically run tests, and gather and classify the results.

By automating all of these manual steps our customers can easily understand which vulnerabilities need to be fixed quickly, allowing them to secure their code with minimal effort.



Uleska is the brainchild of our Founder Gary Robinson. Gary was VP Senior Application Security Architect at a large financial services company. During this time he struggled with the needs of running a complex Application Security Programme. He found it difficult to integrate multiple tools and deal with the output to ensure that the developers could fix relevant vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

Uleska integrates with your existing CI/CD and security tools to enable your business to run secure development life cycles without impacting speed or cost.



Uleska is for any organisation that develops and releases software. We have customers across the globe in multiple markets such as FinTech, Healthcare and LegalTech, and at multiple different stages of their journey from start-ups and scale-ups to mature organisations.


What customer support does Uleska offer?

Uleska offers support during UK office hours (8am-6pm) via email, chat, or video call. We have intercom built into the product which means that if you have any burning questions you can get them answered quickly by a member of our team.

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Does Uleska allow me to quickly try new Application Security Tools?

Yes. Because Uleska allows you to easily configure new tools without the hassle of needing to integrate with your release pipeline, you can quickly get an idea for how a new tool might help give you further insights. Not interested in the output? No bother, you’ve quickly and easily tried out a new tool without wasting a lot of time.

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What integrations does Uleska support?

Uleska offers integration with a wide range of common Commercial and Open-Source application security tools such as CheckMarx, Veracode, Snyk, OWASP ZAP, Semgrep, and so on. We also allow users to add their own tools with our ‘custom tools’ capability. A full list of tools we currently support can be found here.

Uleska also integrates with JIRA and Slack. This means you can get immediate an convenient updates to your workflow system of choice.

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