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About Us

About Uleska

We fundamentally believe that the traditional approach to application security is too costly, time-consuming and, frankly, ineffective. So, we’ve developed industry-leading tools to put the power of security back in the hands of security teams.


Uleska Ltd. has risen to prominence by creating the world’s first product to automatically secure software as it is developed.


Our award-winning products automatically orchestrate commercial and open source security tools to test your software and handle compliance with security regulations, allowing you to concentrate on developing great products.


Uleska enables software teams to proactively handle software security as they are building products, reducing the need for consultants to run vulnerability scans, and reducing the significant time and effort required to rewrite secure code. The cybersecurity industry already knows how to solve every software security issue that hackers exploit.


We also know that it’s impossible for skilled coders and testers to be aware of the hundreds of issues that professional organisations such as OWASP and CERT track. However, we do know that, with the right tooling and proactive assistance, we can empower software teams to produce fully compliant and secure software.


Software that doesn’t require wasted months after security testing to recode for security. Using a complex mix of industry expertise and automation Uleska have been at the forefront of developing the newest way to secure data.


The combination of the latest DevOps practices with security or DevSecOps, we make security compliance an automatic, and energetic part of any software project. Drawing on our experiences within enterprises, we also know that software security is not only about deeply technical software issues.


Many times it can be about ensuring data handling meets the industry’s often changing information security regulations and best practices. This is why we work to produce proactive security products that are agile, which allows security tools to enable, instead of control.