Why is Application Security so iMportant?

Preventing hostile attacks from malicious users and stopping sensitive data from being exposed should be a top priority for every business. But are you doing enough? Rather than preventing digital transformation, app security is an enabler. The Uleska platform integrates with your existing CI/CD and security tools to drive business performance and give you a competitive edge.

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How Does Application Security with Uleska Work?

The Uleska platform takes away the manual burden of security configuration. Instead, your team can focus on other tasks while application security tasks are performed seamlessly in the background. 

As your business evolves, the Uleska platform adapts with you. Confidently start an AppSec program using open-source, commercial, and custom tools and then quickly change, add or scale tools when you need to. 

With Uleska, automation rules. Gain more time by reducing manual tasks and allow your teams to focus resources on the issues and metrics that matter.  

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SAST is an insightful tool that can track down weaknesses in your code. Uleska helps you automate SAST and catch problems at the early stages of development. And as this method tests code at rest, it means you don’t even need to run it!

We’ll help your development team with these six SAST steps:

  1. Choosing the right tool
  2. Creating the scanning infrastructure 
  3. Making custom tweaks to suit your needs
  4. Onboarding your applications
  5. Analysing the results
  6. Governance and training

Discover more about SAST and how it works.

Container Analysis

Container Analysis

Reveal what’s hiding inside your containers with help from Uleska. We’ll use the power of container security analysis to monitor threats and flag potential security threats before they can wreak havoc. 

Learn more about the range of application security tools Uleska uses to keep your systems safe.

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Access to open-source software is great, but have you considered the possible security implications?

Uleska uses SCA to automatically scan your open-source software code and uncover vulnerabilities and code dependencies. Plus, we’ll let you know which open-source components fall under what license – making compliance a lot easier.

Discover more about SCA and how it works.

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Dynamic Application Security Testing

DAST checks for weaknesses too, but unlike SAST, it uses a living, breathing application to uncover problems.

Uleska will help you use DAST to discover critical issues such as authentication issues or memory leaks. We’ll also find the best DAST tools to include in your SDLC.

With the risk of malicious attacks rising every year, businesses need to be prepared for any security risks.

Discover more about DAST and how it works.

Simple, streamlined and seamless Application Security integrations


DevOps teams indicated that security, compliance and governance was their top technology bottleneck.


The number of times the average web app is attacked each month

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