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Security Tool Automation & Orchestration

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To counter modern security threats, businesses must identify, manage and run a range of security testing tools. 


Manually setting up these tools, running them against the specifics of your software, and analysing results from the range of required tools, is hugely time-consuming and error-prone.


Human error and the short supply of cybersecurity professionals means that this traditional form of security can have devastatingly negative connotations. 


Uleska, with the help of the ASTO engine, allows you to automate and arrange the existing commercial tools you are already using.


Also allowing you to integrate open source testing tools to drastically reduce management time and present increased insight.


Uleska can automate and orchestrate the operation of paid subscription tools such as Microfocus, BurpSuite, along with a wide range of popular open source tools including, SQLMap, SSLyze, XSSer, Dirb, Nikto, and countless more.


The example of advanced technologies allows users to create dynamic workflows, linking tools together and ensuring that the output of one tool can feed into the input of another. 


This increases the granular nature of how security tools work together, creating a more efficient environment for security development.


Uleska understands the testing performed by each of the commercial and open source tools integrated into our platform. 


This allows you to understand which aspects of common standards you have coverage of, and the security gaps that need to be filled.


Our technologies support common standards such as OWASP, SANs, PCI DSS, HIPAA, or your own custom security standards. 


The output from all tools is consolidated into a single report where issues are intelligently ranked and understood.


These rankings can then feed into the Uleska’s extensible risk translation system, helping you understand the business risk associated with the costs of all security threats found.