Our Mission

As software development moves faster, cyber security testing is moving more and more towards automation within DevOps and CI/CD cycles.

Uleska wants to live in a world where security checks are as simple as AWS has made cloud, or Jira has made project management.
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It starts with DevSecOps ...

DevSecOps is a modern trend that wraps software security tools into real-time DevOps processes. Uleska has the worlds first extensible DevSecOps Orchestration platform, featuring an API-first approach that fits into existing DevOps processes. A single pane of glass for software security.

We want development teams to continue writing software at lightening speed, without security getting in the way. We also want security teams/champions to see what's going on, configure security checks, and show the value security brings.

DevSecOps in a Box
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... but doesn't end there.

It's not just about integrating a few security tools into CI/CD.  The future of software security will be much more intelligent.

Existing commercial and open source security tools are part of the answer, but there's so many checks in OWASP, NIST, etc. that companies build custom checks for but have nowhere to organise them.  This patchwork quilt of many security checks becomes a nightmare to integrate, manage, and scale.

Sharing the specifics or frameworks of these checks, easily integrating into DevOps at scale, matching to security standards and regulations, enabling fast feedback without blocking development, being able to consistently prioritise based on the true risk of issues - this is what companies are looking for.


Where did the Uleska Platform come from?

In the middle of the leading European city for cyber security, Belfast, Uleska was founded by OWASP Global Board member Gary Robinson to address the clear and present inadequacies within software security. Uleska was built to help businesses increase security coverage, with fewer resources and quicker than traditional security testing. The Uleska Platform has been providing security for some of the UK's biggest companies and hasn't looked back since.

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