Adding A Custom Tool

Uleska can accommodate many different tools - dynamic testing, static analysis, AWS, GCP etc. It allows you to be specific to the types of applications and checks you want to do as an organisation and so It's also possible to add tools you or your team may have created. The following steps will guide you in how to add a customer-built tool to Uleska.

There are three steps to create a custom tool that can be integrated by Uleska:

1. Create your tool with the necessary Uleska library

2. Wrap the script in a Docker

3. Configure Uleska to pick up the newly created Docker and run as a custom test

The script for the tool we're using in this tutorial can be found here. The tool itself does a simple website check and tries to access it without HTTPS and checks for a redirection.

In this example we're conducting a simple security test but this script could be calling other tools for example commercial, open source, OWASP, etc. It could be calling APIs to existing tools, and so on. As long as you're able to invoke a tool and store it, Uleska is able to then process the data.


You can check out our video showing how to add custom tools on youtube: