Adding a Version to Your Application

Uleska allows you to create multiple versions or pipelines inside an application, and have them grouped in the same project. They are applied to a portion of the application that is running through the CI/CD pipeline.

  • Click Add Version on your Application to add a version pipeline. Whether this is a static test or dynamic test will determine the elements you need to fill in.

Application Guide

  • Go to your project (if project is in GitHub, see image for how to copy the URL)

Application Guide 2

  • Paste URL into Git Address

  • Specify Branch to be tested

  • Under SCM Authentication, choose your Authentication Type. There are a few ways to set this up:
    • For open source projects, simply choose ‘Unauthenticated’.
    • For private repositories, there are two options:
      • Select ‘Username and Password’ when you wish to use username and password or token.
        1. For Username, enter your email address or username
        2. For Password, enter your authentication token that will allow the system to view the information within the Git repository
      • Select 'SSH Keys' when your repo needs to be accessed through SSH.  Enter your private key in the box provided.
    • For common repos:
    • Note that if you use 2-factor authentication to access your repo, firstly good on you, and secondly you will need to setup one of the above tokens or SSH keys to provide access.
  • Click Test button to make sure the code line is accessible.  This will return 'ok' if the repo can be accessed successfully

  • Click Save & Continue button