Adding an Application

An application is a grouping of test pipelines that apply to the project/application that you are running. Applications can contain multiple versions or pipelines, which can be individual static, dynamic, container tests etc.

You can add an application through:

  • The API

  • Bulk importing

  • Manually add application

How to Manually Add an Application

By adding the following information to an application, Uleska will calculate the risk and cost associated with vulnerabilities.

These can be modified at a later stage through the API or on the Uleska platform.

  • Select Applications from the menu bar on the left

  • Click Add new application

  • Enter Application Name

  • Enter Description

  • Choose Team
  • Specify Number of Users who will be using the system
  • Choose Internal or not

  • Choose Authenticated or not

  • Estimate Down Time Cost Per Day, indicating how much it will cost the business for a particular project/application

  • Estimate Restoration Cost, how much it will cost the business to bring the system back from an invalid state, or if it has been hacked

  • Click Save

Your application should now be in the full list of Applications.