Authentication Tokens


To communicate with the Uleska API (directly or through our CLI) you will need an auth token for most functions.  

The Uleska Platform operates one auth token per user provisioned in your system, and each users auth token will match the permissions of the user.  Each user can create or revoke their auth tokens through the UI as follows

To generate an auth token :

  • Log into the Uleska UI as the user you wish to create a token for.

  • Click on the 'Account' tab.

  • In this page you will see an 'Api Token' section that will allow you to generate and revoke API tokens.

  • To generate your first token, click on the 'Generate API Token' button


  • The generated API Token will be added into the box provided.  You will need to record this token before you browse away from this page, as it will not be shown again.

  • This token can now be used to authenticate to the Uleska API, or passed to the Uleska CLI.  This token will be valid until you revoke the token and generate a new one.

To revoke an token:

  • With an auth token already generated, browse to the Account page again and you will be given the option to 'Revoke API Token'

  • If you click on this button, the previous API token will be removed from the Uleska Platform and can no longer be used to authenticate against the API.

  • At this time you will be able to generate a new API token again for this user.

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