Configuring a Connection

There are 2 main ways Uleska interacts with security test tools:

1. Starts test tools inside containers with Kubernetes infrastructure, and runs them from command line to conduct testing within the CI/CD pipeline

2. Communicates with existing instances of test tools through their APIs, often commercial tools, but also includes open source tools that work over APIs

To use these tools, you set up a connection between the Uleska platform and the instance of the security tool.

  • Select Configuration from the menu bar on the left

  • To set up a tool connection, select the Connections tab

Application Guide 6

  • Click Add connection

  • Select from a list of API connection tool types you want to connect to

Application Guide 7

  • Input information required, in this instance, URL and API Key

  • For some connection types, you have the ability to ‘test’ the connection between the Uleska platform and the tool

Application Guide 8

  • Click Save