Creating a Custom Toolkit

A Toolkit is a collection of Tools, whether built and managed by Uleska, or Custom Tools you have created yourself, along with their configuration, that are used when testing Application Versions.

If you have specific tools you’d like to use (for example, our proprietary tools like Veracode or Snyk), if you want a toolkit to match the different stages in your software development cycle, or if you have Custom Tools you want to include in your testing, you can create a Custom Toolkit. They take moments to put together, and you can iterate and improve them over time, adding or removing tools as time (or budget) allows.

Create a Custom Toolkit by following these steps:

  • Click "Toolkits" in the left navigation bar


  • Click "Create New Toolkit" in the top-right corner


  • Fill in the name and description for your Custom Toolkit (Description is optional)


  • Click Next to select your tools
  • Search for tools using the quick-search box

    Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 17.12.24

  • Choose the tools to include in your Toolkit by clicking Add


  • Configure selected tools by clicking the cog icon where required


  • Click Save to confirm your tool selection

Run tests using this toolkit by following the steps in Testing Applications with Toolkits