Generating PDF Reports

Generate PDF reports of vulnerabilities from pipeline runs.


Under the Report tab on your Application or Version, you will find input fields of how you would like to configure your PDF report.


Enter your information into the fields:

General Config:

  • Title

  • Header

  • Footer

  • Secondary Colour (hex)

  • Select Font

  • Select Vulnerability Order - either by alphabetical Title or by Risk of Vulnerabilities found

  • Upload Title Page Image (A4 size, jpeg)


You can move sections around, add new, delete, and add summary text in Content.


Preview of what a Section looks like in the PDF report.


Key Values

A shortcut for values that will appear more than once in your report.


Key - Shortcut for Value

Value - Will replace the Key whenever it is found within the Report



As the Key specified above is ‘K1’, here, ‘K1’ will be replaced by the Value, ‘Project ABC’. The Footer will read “My Footer for Project ABC” when the Report is generated.


Select Results of your Application Version, then Download PDF


This report will be generated from the latest pipeline run, and will include any modifications, advisories, and manually added security Vulnerabilities. This is a convenient way to produce a list of issues for stakeholders and enable better communication to other teams and projects, and save you time on creating your own report from scratch.