GitHub Security Wizard

Logging in with GitHub and Using the Repo Wizard

When you create a new account you have the option to sign in with your existing Github account. If you do this Uleska will automatically find all of the Repositories in your account and will allow you to quickly and easily select them for scanning.

To get started, go to the Uleska login Screen and select Github as your preferred sign-in method.

Untitled (13)You will then be asked to update your account information - this will mean confirming your email address and letting us know what your First and Last names are.


You will then be presented with a 'Welcome to Uleska' screen. Here you'll be asked to set up the name of your Company. We need this to give your account a human-readable name.

Untitled (15)

Once you've entered your Company name, we'll scan your Github account for Repositories. They will appear as follows:

Untitled (16)

Select the repositories you'd like to import and then click 'Confirm and Scan'

Untitled (17)

Your repositories will now appear as an 'Application' on the Uleska Dashboard and after a few seconds a testing tool will be run against your repo(s) with results populated.  You can go to the vulnerability management docs page to view your issues.

Let us know your feedback or requests for improvements in these wizards so we can help everyone.  Wizards for other products will be coming in the future as part of the Uleska roadmap.