Invite a colleague to Uleska

Once you've got all your vulnerabilities in one place, giving access to the rest of your team means you're no longer having to copy and paste vulnerability information around. 

Uleska doesn't charge by seats, so invite as many of your colleagues as you'd think would be useful.

In order to invite colleagues, you'll need to be logged into your Uleska system.

  1. Click "Permissions" in your left-hand navigation bar
  2. Click "Invite User" in the top-right corner of the table
    Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 15.18.06

  3. Add your colleague's details into the form
  4. Select the appropriate permission levels
    1. "App Manager" will be able to add and remove applications
    2. "Executive" will only have access to charts, not applications or vulnerabilities
  5. Click "Invite"
  6. Your colleague will receive an email invitation to sign up, which they can complete either with an email address and password, or through using our social SSO logins.