Setting Advisories for Recommended Fixes


After an Application has been tested, the Uleska platform will produce results, including a Recommendation of how to fix the vulnerability, which you will find within the details of Vulnerabilities.


Setting Advisories for Recommended Fixes#1-min


If you would like to overwrite this *Recommendation* with your own:

  • Go to Configuration on the left menu bar
  • Click on the Advisories tab - here you can set text or HTML that will be provided back immediately to development teams or reports
  • Click Add advisory
  • Select the category that you would like to overwrite the recommendation for
  • Type in your own text and HTML in the text box provided
  • What you see in Preview is what you will see replacing the Recommendation every time this category of vulnerability comes up again
This allows you to manage the recommendation of fixes that you provide to your development teams, and for the recommendations to be automatically inserted in real time as the teams are receiving information over the CI/CD pipeline runs.

This saves time on communication within security teams by having the information in one place, and having it sent directly to the people who require it.