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Adding Container Information to your Version

Uleska allows you to associate a container to a version of your Application. This container can be hosted on Docker Hub, another public container...

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Adding an Application

An application is a grouping of test pipelines that apply to the project/application that you are running. Applications can contain multiple versions...

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Adding a Version to Your Application

Uleska allows you to create multiple versions or pipelines inside an application, and have them grouped in the same project. They are applied to a...

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Configuring Test Tools

After choosing the tools, you will need to configure the parameters of how the test tools are going to execute.

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Configuring a Connection

There are 2 main ways Uleska interacts with security test tools: 1. Starts test tools inside containers with Kubernetes infrastructure, and runs them...

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Modifying an application or version

Modifying an Application or Version

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