Testing your Application with a Toolkit

A Toolkit is a collection of Tools, whether built and managed by Uleska, or Custom Tools you have created yourself, along with their configuration, that are used when testing Application Versions.

This means that, once you've chosen an Application and Version to test, when you click Test Now, you'll have to choose a toolkit to test with.

To get you started, we’ve provided Official Uleska toolkits containing our favourite tried-and-tested Open Source AppSec tools. Right now, we have two Official toolkits for use - one for Code which statically analyses source code, Dockerfiles, and infrastructure-as-code configuration files, and another for Live testing which, given a URL, will poke, prod, and exercise your running application to find any vulnerabilities.

To test your Version with a toolkit, follow these steps:

  • Find the Application you want to test, and expand the table to find the Version you want to test
  • Click "Test Now"

  • You will see a popup containing the toolkits available on your Uleska system
  • Find the Toolkit you want to use (the Uleska-provided ones work great!)

  • Click Start Scan to start scanning your Version with the Toolkit
  • Sit back and wait for results!