Uploading a ZIP File

How to upload a zip file

There may be occasions where you will wish to upload binaries or code files to the Uleska Platform for security scanning, instead of providing access Git repos or artifact URLs. This may depend on the security tool adaptor you are using.

Details of providing ZIP files to be scanned are provided here. Note that currently the upload of ZIP files is supported in the Uleska Platform UI and API, but not on the CLI. Check back for updates as to when this is supported in the CLI.


How to send ZIP files via the UI

  • First, please click the "Edit" icon for the version which you would like to send a ZIP file for:

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  • To upload your source code as ZIP file, click on the "Source Control" section of the "Version" tab:

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  • Under the "Source Control" option, choose 'ZIP Upload' from the drop down menu.

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  • Click "Browse" and select your source code .zip file. Please wait until your source code has finished uploading before moving on to the next session. You will know your upload has completed when you see a pop-up that your upload has completed.

  • Navigate to the "Test Tools" tab and click on "Add tool" for the various tools you wish to scan with.

  • When your tools are set, you can go back to the main screen and find your application, and click 'Test Now'.

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