Vulnerability Management

Security vulnerabilities can be viewed through our APIs, which allows information to go back to CI/CD systems or other portals, or they can be viewed in the Uleska platform.

Select the Application Version you want the results for. You will see a list of all the vulnerabilities found from the various tools you chose to use, all brought into one place on the Uleska platform.

Vulnerability Management

Here you will see the Title, Risk, and actions you can take on the vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Management 2

To view more information on the issue, click on Full Details where you will see the full Vulnerability Details.

Vulnerability Management 3

This is information that has been returned from the security tool, into the Uleska platform and put into Uleska’s own taxonomy to describe and break down the issue.

This includes:

  • Vulnerability Title

  • Severity (if passed by security tool)

  • URL/code file

  • Summary of vulnerability

  • Explanation of security problem

  • Recommendation of a fix

  • Figures showing Uleska’s cyber value address calculations for risk prioritisation of the vulnerability

    Under Vulnerability Definition, you will also see categorisation of the vulnerability from CVSS and ASVS categories.