What is Uleska?

Uleska is a DevSecOps platform designed specifically to help software and development teams efficiently work together to solve problems and implement effective security measures with ease and speed.

With modern software development, creating, releasing, testing and deploying software has become so quick, it has become difficult for security tasks and processes to integrate into the DevSecOps or CI/CD pipeline. This prevents security from being part of the software development process.

Often there are too many manual processes involved when trying to integrate security into the process. From kicking off testing, collecting results, or trying to understand issues, security becomes a burden in the process.

Uleska makes this a better process by:
  •  Implementing cost-effective security measures into agile and CI/CD pipelines
  • Smoother operations with security integrated
  • Optimising internal security tooling, while allowing software teams to move faster while clearly understanding the cyber risks introduced