What's in it for you?

  • Get a structured approach to implementing and optimising DecSecOps in your organisation
  • Discover how to build DevSecOps into your current processes and pipelines instead of retrofitting
  • At each step, receive actionable tasks to complete and helpful best practice advice
  • Understand how and where risk can be your guidepost to efficiently prioritising your security workflows

Companies we partner with

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“With Uleska we were able to increase the range of security checks and automate running them in our processes without the usual pain and hassle. The onboarding was great and allowed us to get up and running quickly.”

Paul Armstrong IT Security Manager at Randox Healthcare

"Uleska is easy to use - after a quick setup, we can run lots of security tools and manage the results.  We now use Uleska to meet the security questionnaires of our customers by testing and reporting in minutes, saving time and money on external pen-test reports."

Chris Johnston CEO, Adoreboard, AI Tech

“Uleska has helped us gain valuable insights into security vulnerabilities and OWASP ASVS categories that are important for Finoa. It has been a pleasure working with Uleska, we especially value their high flexibility and AppSec expertise which we benefit from with every touch point."

Sheetal Joseph CISO, Finoa, DeFi Tech

“With so many security testing options, DevSecOps teams need a single interface to manage tools and issues. Uleska provides this. It automates security testing by spinning up the right tools, with the right profiles, at the right time, then aggregating and normalizing the results”

Mike Pittenger Frmr Co-Founder Veracode and VP Security Strategy at Black Duck

“Integrating security with existing development processes is key, and Uleska makes integrating security tools so much quicker and easier. Bringing security insights, and risk, into a single pane of glass, means development and security teams can better collaborate to drive down risk.”

Michael Conway CEO, Renaissance

"Use automation to reduce human effort and improve the accuracy, reproducibility, usability, and comprehensiveness of security practices throughout the SDLC, as well as provide a way to document and demonstrate the use of these practices. Toolchains and tools may be used at different levels of the organization, such as organization-wide or project-specific, and may address a particular part of the SDLC, like a build pipeline."

NIST SSDF Implement Supporting Toolchains (PO.3)

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