Helping financial services companies meet regulations.

The Uleska Platform helps financial companies meet regulations such as PCI, GDPR, NYCRR 500, and more by allowing security programs to test software changes, and evaluate risk, quickly and efficiently.

Don't be at risk of a breach. Use the Uleska Platform to
automate software risk management.

Financial services companies have embraced Digital Transformation.  That means software teams working in agile development, releasing with continuous integration. However it's difficult to test for cyber risks in this fast paced environment.
That's why the Uleska Platform handles your security testing within the DevOps cycles, giving you the assurance you need, quickly and efficiently.

Use fewer skilled resources through DevSecOps.

Financial Services is one of the fastest moving, yet highly regulated industries. Digital Transformation has brought enormous opportunity and accelerated the pace of change so changes can go live in minutes. Yet regulations like PCI and GDPR require security assurance before updates are released to the public. This makes it hard to keep up with both business needs, and regulatory compliance.

The Uleska Platform delivers faster and consistent security checks within Agile & DevOps environments. This, along with other innovative aspects of the platform, it reduces the headcount needed for software security by over 50%.

Secure your Digital Transformation.

Accelerated change increases the risk of regulatory fines, and data breaches. The Financial Services industry is continually recruiting IT and software staff to keep up with this pace of change, however cyber security is often the biggest challenge in terms of jobs to fill.

The Uleska DevSecOps Platform allows financial services companies to continue agile Digital Transformation and not have this impeded by security checks, in fact they can use security to move faster in the knowledge that they are secure, compliant and saving on vital resources.

Let accurate information guide your cyber risk decisions.

With constrained security resources, increasing regulation, and a growing number of software and IT projects using Agile & DevOps, Financial Services are experiencing more and more risk from breaches and hackers.

The Uleska Platform provides financial services with the ability to make informed, cyber risk based decisions that align to what is important to the business, meaning real risk is removed, instead of just numbers of issues. This means the risk of breach is also greatly reduced as issues are fixed before going live.

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