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Every company is now a software company. We have worked with some of the largest retail companies in the UK and understand specific needs when it comes to software security. Don't let your security slow down your retail organisations' ability to innovate.

Don't let software slow down the
pace of your retail company.

Retail companies can now meet their software security requirements and regulations using the Uleska Platform. IT teams can now execute security testing programs without the skilled resources previously needed, and easily communicate the progress to any stakeholder.

Prevent a third-party breach.

Retail companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to online presences for direct sales.  Internally many functions are being digitised to improve performance and remove bottlenecks.  This results in many retail companies looking more and more like IT companies, hiring software developers, having bespoke software created for them, overseen by IT managers who become responsible for nearly every aspect of this IT transformation.

The Uleska Platform allows these code drops and updates to be immediately security tested, where feedback can be easily provided back to the third party for remediation.

Third-party breaches have become a major issue in every industry. Some have lead to major regulatory fines for some of the UK's biggest organisations.

Secure your organisation automatically.

Just like many others in the industry, retail companies have to deal with the security of their IT and software, but without the security personnel.  Security consultants can be prohibitively costly, and there is so much choice and confusion when it comes to security tools that it can be difficult to know where to go.

The Uleska Platform wraps security checks automatically into any software team, or Agile/DevOps tool, meaning code changes can be immediately trusted, before release. This is a highly effective way to show GDPR compliance quickly and with fewer resources.

Automatically securing code during the SDLC means that you can be confident you are compliant, without spending money on resources.

Make communication your key priority.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any Retail company. Being able to clearly communicate recent security information to auditors, stakeholders, and managers means the effectiveness of current security programs can be displayed quickly and efficiently.

The Uleska Platform provides retail organisations the ability to communicate and translate the severity of risk to any level of expertise within that company. Monetary values, as well as CVSS scoring, make it easy to understand and communicate where you need to put resources into making your software more secure.

Many organisations struggle to communicate their security posture. Let Uleska showcase what you need to work on in an understandable way.

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