Keeping utility and infrastructure secure.

Consumers have come to expect that they can interact with Utility companies online. We have worked with some of the fastest growing Utility companies in the UK and know that the pace of change in terms of software requirements. Let Uleska translate your risk and show you how to secure software in the most efficient way possible.

Let consumers trust that your
services are secure online.

Utility companies are moving to software and IT functions to improve performance and remove bottlenecks. The Uleska Platform is allowing them to address their security before they release any software, giving consumers trust that their details won't be stolen.

Pay less to secure valuable software.

Security consultants can be costly and difficult to schedule, as they are in such high demand.  Security tools can be introduced, however they may require further expertise to run, and there is so much choice and confusion when it comes to security tools that it can be difficult to know where to go.

The Uleska Platform can allow your current security teams to mitigate against risk through prioritisation and reporting at a more cost effective level.

The price to secure software has become bothersome for some businesses. The Uleska Platform is a cost effective way to automatically secure developing software.

Make sure that you are GDPR compliant.

Just like many others in the industry, retail companies have to deal with the security of their IT and software, but without the security personnel. 

GDPR has become a large consideration for Utility companies, due to the nature of personal and sensitive data held. The Uleska Platform can keep your organisation compliant through continual scans and put security at the forefront of the SDLC.

Automatically securing code during the SDLC means that you can be confident you are compliant, without spending money on resources.

Don't let fines hinder you.

GDPR requires software changes to be security tested before they go into production and affect this sensitive data. However many IT teams do not have the skills or budget to effectively address software security for every software change and risk being fined.

Large fines and breaches have not escaped the Utilities industry. Using the Uleska Platform, security checks are completed in line with development, meaning the risk of breach is also greatly reduced as issues are fixed before going live.

Fines due to companies not being compliant with GDPR have already struck major organisations, make sure you don't become the next.

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