Make securing the code you write easy.

The Uleska Platform is the perfect companion for any developer and provides you with a platform to secure code at the rapid pace of software releases.
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Built by developers, for developers.

The Uleska Platform provides automation and orchestration of security tools and vulnerability correlation, executive dashboards, execution of custom tools and many other features to make a developers life easier.

Security testing as quick and agile as you are.

Manual security testing is slow and not cost-effective, and automated testing can take time to integrate. The Uleska Platform reduces the number of security issues and saves time by automating manual processes.

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Welcome to the new era of security testing.

Don’t let security testing hold you back. The Uleska Platform comes with pre-built integrations for many commercial, open-source, and custom security tools, along with CI/CD integrations, reducing IT costs and time setting up security.

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Don't let false positives get you down.

Security tools can report false positives and slow you down. Spend less time and money on false positives by allowing the Uleska Platform to automatically remember issues and removing them from reports.

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Integrating with your favourite API's.

Uleska allows developers to integrate with API's you already use to make sure there are no disruptions to the current processes you are used to.

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