Giving managers an all-in-one solution.

The Uleska Platform integrates with your security teams to centralise and automate security. Get easy access to dashboards, reducing risk and time spent on security.
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Providing managers with a way to
report and reduce their risk.

The Uleska Platform provides a centralised dashboard to quickly and simply show previous security trends, the current state of play, and inform your strategy to effectively and efficiently reduce ongoing risk.

Helping managers reduce real risk.

Security managers have more issues than they can fix. The Uleska Platform automatically prioritises issues from multiple tools, giving you the ability to work on the highest priority risk quickly and first, reducing real business risk.

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Inform security strategy with real metrics.

Security changes quickly, with regulations asking businesses to be secure by design. The Uleska Platform automatically creates comprehensive security reports, bringing agility and the most recent team stats to your security programs.

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Keep up with compliance.

Audit teams have to cover a lot of aspects of your organisation. The Uleska Platform helps by translating technical risk into business risk, allowing for legible audit reports, speeding up your security and compliance processes.

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