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The Uleska Platform allows same-day setup and risk communication, whilst reducing the strain on security teams by intelligently automating manual tasks.
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Security teams are understaffed
and overworked.

Security teams need to deal with many projects and traditional methods of security testing can be too slow or take too long to set up. The Uleska Platform can make security teams lives easier through automation and orchestration.

Be compliant before you release software.

Easily and efficiently meet your compliance targets by automatically executing security testing before every release, saving time manual setup, execution and reporting tasks.

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Make sure you are third-party secure.

One of the biggest risks to software applications can be third-party products or libraries. The Uleska Platform quickly runs extensible and updated SCA (software composition analysis) testing, allowing you to centralise all of your risk.

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Reduce workload whilst increasing security coverage.

Organisations are challenged in their ability to hire and retain  security teams. Uleska's unique automation and orchestration of security testing, plus extensive configuration allows security teams to comfortably keep your business secure.

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