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Wrap your favourite commercial, open source, or OWASP security tools into your DevOps pipeline, or discover new tools to quickly test your software.
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Automate security testing without
all the hard work.

Many commercial and open source security tools have APIs for DevOps - but that means you have to build and manage those tools into your pipelines. Many more security tools don't have APIs, meaning you need to run them manually or write your own integration.

The Uleska DevSecOps Platform runs your security tools for you, giving you one integration point. Kick off many security tests from your CI/CD or at the touch of a button.

Wrap into your existing processes.

The Uleska DevSecOps platform comes with many security tools integrated, meaning you can handle them all in one place. Extend your security testing easily, by simply choosing a new tool to test with. Run testing during any type of build or release.

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Quick, easy, & consistent reports and metrics.

No one security tool covers all of your languages, frameworks, regulations, OWASP lists, etc. However managing multiple tools and consolidating results, means easier issue handling, reporting, and centralized control.

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Control and transparency.

A good DevSecOps program gives you more control, yet gets out of the way. Easily control the execution and coverage of security tooling, while sending important or new issues to Slack, Jira, or your favourite interface.

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