Intelligent risk & impact determination.

The Uleska Platform automatically analyses the risk of all issues, combining technical, application, and business level information, to let you know the real which issues need to be addressed.
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Visualise risk and
stop potential breaches.

The Uleska Platform provides risk visualisation, unique to the software security industry. Visualise risk can through customised dashboards to your organisation. View this through CVSS, or through monetary values associated with issues found, the Uleska Platform is flexible to your organisations' needs.

Risk / impact configuration.

The Uleska Platform allows for flexibility in how risk calculations are applied across all applications and teams. Configuration is provided for levels of likelihood, downtime costs, and maximum fines, giving you more accuracy regarding security costs and time scales.

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Fix issues that matter to your business.

The Uleska Platform automatically determines the impact ratings for vulnerabilities found. These measures of the impact of an issue can be useful for various stakeholders within an organisation.

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A flexible scope for reporting.

Reporting risk for an issue, an application, a team, or division, or across the entire organisation?  Automatically produce reports and communicate risk at many levels, all at the touch of a button.

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