UX Designer

Belfast & Remote (UK)

Uleska is a leading-edge cybersecurity product company tackling the biggest and most important issues to face the industry of software development. Uleska provides a platform product that automates and orchestrates software security tasks within fast-paced software environments. This allows our clients to save time and money, avoid data breaches, and meet their security compliance needs.

Insecure software affects everyone. We're on a mission to be the most helpful application security platform in the world, and we need a UX Designer to help us execute our product-led strategy.

About the role

Uleska is seeking applications from experienced UX Designers for a pivotal role in shaping our approach to how we understand, define, and design for our users from a range of sectors, at varying levels of security knowledge.

We are a product-led company, our users are at the centre of everything we do, and this role will be responsible for understanding their needs and wants, highlighting the product's strengths and weaknesses, and working closely with the delivery team to iteratively improve how we solve our user's problems.

About you

You love tackling human-centred problems

Security is a human problem, and we're in the business of helping our customers and their teams make sure that the changes and improvements they're making to their software are safe and secure for their users, and comply with the regulations they operate under.

You should have experience of taking something human and messy and working through to a user-satisfying solution.

You like a well-maintained user research archive and persona set

We have full traceability from our roadmap to user research transcripts and prototypes. We want to keep that thread strong and to continue to invest in our research base, using that to ensure we build the right things for our users.

You should have experience when it comes to defining personas and analysing research. Ideally, you would also have experience of designing research programmes.

You prototype quickly with the right tool for the job

We like to experiment, to try and fail, and to check we're on the right path. Sometimes that's a sketch held up to a webcam, and sometimes that's a Figma prototype over Zoom, but we need and want to show the thing and understand how to maximise the information gained from it.

You should have a pragmatic approach to using prototyping to validate or surface user needs in the right context.

You think out loud

We are a small team, just scratching the surface of what our customers need, and we need to learn a lot, fast, and you will be part of that collective sense-making as we discover new problems and test solutions. This is not a cloistered enigma role, it's a fully present part of the delivery team.

You should be able to show previous experience of successful cross-functional delivery, and of the back-and-forth involved in that delivery process.

You like talking to users, regularly

We have unique relationships with our customers and bring them in as collaborators. We want to keep that proximity, and ensure that, over time, we're continuing to meet their needs.

You should have experience of understanding what a user research programme looks like, and be able to report on how well we're performing against particular personas in order to inform our roadmap prioritisation.

Additionally, it would be good if you have:

  • Experience managing a design system (e.g. via React and Storybook or similar)
  • An understanding of how software is built
  • Experience of detailing interaction specifications
  • Experience of subscription SaaS patterns and behaviours
  • Experience in the cyber-security space

Salary range

The salary band for this full-time role is between £35,000 and £40,000pa.

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV to info@uleska.com and we will arrange an interview.