Uleska announces upcoming Freemium Essentials Tier

Uleska is delighted to announce that our new Essentials Tier for DevSecOps orchestration will be available at the end of July 2020 .  

This Essentials Tier continues the same great technology used by companies around the world, and concentrates on the ease of use requested by smaller development and security teams.

The Essentials Tier also represents a starter tier, providing essential functionality to automate your security testing for individual projects or for smaller teams.  This gives new teams the opportunity to check out DevSecOps orchestration on one of their projects, before extending to new teams and projects. It allows for a number of open source security testing tools to run against a single project, and will be free for personal and open source projects.

While large enterprises can afford the luxury of teams dedicated to security, this new tier in our platform is aimed at developers in small teams or working solo, with and without security expertise, to be able to carry out similar testing on their projects that may not have been possible before.  Companies utilizing the Essentials Tier can continue to integrate their commercial security tools using our integrations interface.

We have been working hard to provide a simple user interface that allows for ease of use when carrying out security checks prior to releases. This should reduce the risk of vulnerabilities prior to release as our platform provides a simple report to the developer on a number of potential security flaws, allowing for these to be rectified before release and not discovered after, possibly when a breach has taken place.

There are still free Beta Version licenses available, with added discounts for giving us vital feedback on the new user interface & user experience.  These are available to a limited number of users on an extended free trial for those who sign up early at https://www.uleska.com/essentials-beta-sign-up

The Uleska DevSecOps Platform Essentials Tier  also has the added advantage of saving time on security testing as our platform is designed for developers to cover off testing with ease and to remove the possible pain point security can be to the developer. It simplifies the process and can use multiple sources of security tests to provide a wide range of coverage to minimise the multitude of threats posed in cyber security.

Uleska’s aim with its Essentials Tier, is to make running these tests simple for anyone to use, save the user time and money on testing and for the results produced to be understood with relative ease. It is also important to us that we are able to cater not only for the big enterprises but for the smaller companies and independent developers as cyber security has become more prevalent in recent years with a rise in a move to cloud computing, especially in recent times.

To get priority access to our new Essentials Tier and updates on when it is being launched, sign up now.


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