Uleska Graduates From LORCA Cyber Program

Uleska are delighted to have completed our 12-month rotation in the LORCA cyber-security program.  LORCA is the London Office for Rapid Cyber-Security Advancement, a flagship cyber program sponsored by the UK Government, and delivered by the innovation team at Plexal, Deloitte UK's cyber team, and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies, part of Queens University Belfast.

Cohort 3 - The best one yet!

Uleska was one of a number of growing cyber companies in Cohort 3 of the LORCA program, and we benefited from working with partners and industry to increase sales, meaningful partnerships, and develop access to further markets, including the US where the cohort visited in September of 2019.  Since then Uleska has gone on to develop our initial enterprise customers in the US and multiple partnerships in the region where DevSecOps is a growing need.

As well as the great office space out in Stratford, London, Uleska have developed a working relationship with Deloitte and others through the program. We further benefited from engineering resources at CSIT to develop an integration between our DevSecOps platform and IBMs' QRadar.

"Cyber-security is an industry unlike any other. The need for trust, quality, and an understanding of the needs of the users is so important, yet for smaller companies, these will take time to develop. Programs like LORCA benefit both start-ups and the industry, by bringing people together, talking through their issues and desires, and moving the entire industry forward in a meaningful way." Uleska CEO, Gary Robinson

As our time comes to an end of cohort 3, we look forward to continuing to benefit by being an alumni of the program and continuing the conversation. For an example of this, see our recent blog post referencing the LORCA roundtable with CISOs, during Covid-19, discussing challenges and how we can solve them.

All of our thanks and love go to the team at LORCA, leadership from Saj, endless help from Tracey (forever helping with printing, we just couldn't get that account working), Alanna keeping us all together and informed, Louise showing everyone how to innovate, and Stephen sharing his vast experience and wisdom.  We'll look forward to working with you all again in the future.


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