Uleska partners with Micro Focus

Uleska, pioneers in DevSecOps orchestration and metrics, are delighted to announce a new partnership with Micro Focus.

Uleska is now an authorized technology integration and reseller of the Micro Focus Fortify suite of products, allowing Uleska to help joint customers quickly and effectively manage their security testing with a range of security testing tools. Micro Focus is one of the world’s largest commercial providers of software security with their Flagship application security product Fortify.  Through Fortify, businesses can protect themselves by utilizing  Fortify on Demand, Fortify Static Code Analyzer, and Fortify WebInspect.  This gives the Fortify portfolio the ability to protect companies using both on premise, and in the cloud, based solutions to meet their needs.

The Uleska and Micro Focus Partnership

Uleska and Micro Focus have agreed to partner on technology integration and reselling across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands. These regions include clients that Micro Focus and Uleska have existing client engagements, and facilitates our ability to further show the value of this collaboration.

This means that the Uleska DevSecOps Platform now includes integration with FortifyOnDemand for cloud based testing, along with Fortify Static Code Analyzer and Fortify WebInspect for on premise security testing. This partnership builds on over 12 months of interactions between Uleska and Micro Focus, with the Uleska DevSecOps Platform containing an integration with FortifyOnDemand in 2018 as one of our early enterprise integrations.

Existing Micro Focus customers will be able to make use of the Uleska DevSecOps Platform to extend their automated security tooling, and automate Fortify's results into Uleska’s groundbreaking Cyber Value-at-Risk Reporting to provide the risk and compliance analysis needed by today's mid-tier and enterprise organisations.

New customers will be able to purchase licenses for Fortify products through Uleska, with the ease of delivery and integration our platform provides.

Uleska and Micro Focus will also be able to enter into market engagement activities to provide thought leadership and educate organizations on effective integration of software security testing within DevOps and fast paced agile environments.

“Uleska is delighted to have Micro Focus as a partner. The Fortify range of products have been leading the application security market for many years and are an important integration for Uleska in the enterprise market. With this partnership we can continue to execute on existing client engagements and collaborate on seamlessly integrating security testing and risk analysis into DevSecOps. Micro Focus and Uleska share the vision of security enabling product development, without slowing it down.” said Gary Robinson, Founder and CEO of Uleska.

If you would like to know more about the Uleska and Micro Focus partnership, please reach out to us at info@uleska.com, or sign-up for free at https://www.uleska.com/sign-up

About Micro Focus

Micro Focus specializes in building, selling and supporting software. This single-minded approach puts customers at the center of innovation, enabling the company to deliver high-quality, enterprise-grade, scalable software. Micro Focus helps customers bridge old and new technologies by maximizing the return on investment of existing software investments and enabling innovation in a new hybrid model for enterprise IT.

About Uleska

Uleska provides the Uleska DevSecOps Platform that help organizations to effectively reduce software security risks and IT costs. Uleska’s platform and services eases  interconnection of software and security environments, and automates risk management at the speed at which modern software is developed.


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