Uleska selected as one of Tech Nations top growing UK Cyber companies

Our team at Uleska are delighted to announce that we are joining the latest Tech Nation Cyber cohort as one of the UK’s most promising Cyber scale-ups.

We have long admired the Tech Nation programs for their quality and track record of producing results for their cohorts. Uleska will be taking part in cohort two of the Tech Nation Cyber program, along with fellow NI Cyber companies Ampliphae, Angoka, Audit Comply. The below image will give you an idea of the stage and quality of cyber companies taking part in this endeavour.

As the DevSecOps industry and community grows, and more competitors enter the market, it's important for Uleska to continue leading the way by integrating with UK businesses and showing them how software security can be achieved simply, at speed and scale, with increasing quality.

About Tech Nation

Tech Nation, based in London, was launched in 2019 with funding from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and runs programs for scaling companies in FinTech, AI, Cyber, and others.  Their program includes masterclasses delivered by world-leading scale coaches, intimate networking sessions to foster peer-to-peer learning, events including thought leadership and international missions, and networking sessions including learning from industry leaders and scale coaches.

About Uleska

Uleska is a scalable platform that provides automation and centralisation of software security testing whilst translating cyber risk without the need for skilled personnel. It orchestrates security testing to increase security coverage  across the many applications an organisation will run and develop.  Its automation allows that testing to be performed at any time.

Uleska automates business risk reporting, allows issues to be identified and prioritised, and communicates security strategy value. The Uleska Platform is a DevSecOps layer providing what Gartner terms as an Application Security Testing and Orchestration (ASTO) solution in its Hype Cycle report for Application Security, and delivers on Forresters’ theme that ‘security metrics should inform strategy.’

Industry research shows organisations are using between 15 to 130 cyber security tools when producing software, and with the current cyber skills gap, this makes it harder to keep on top of cyber security programs and meet regulatory compliance challenges. This is especially true of cyber security programs that wish to measure risk (business impact), as well as count issues, as required by regulations such as the FFIEC, New York’s NYCRR 500, and security maturity programs such as OWASP SAMM.

Read more at https://www.uleska.com


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