Get started with the Uleska platform today for free and let’s start optimising your DevSecOps journey.



100 tests per month

With the free platform, you can start to eliminate false positives and identify the most important vulnerabilities that need your attention.



Per Month
5,000 tests per month

For larger organisations shipping frequently, make sure all your PRs, images and services are tested no matter how many teams you have. With 5,000 tests a month, get all your applications covered.



Unlimited tests per month / SaaS or on-premises hosting

Need Uleska on-premise? Need corporate SSO integration? Need more than 5,000 tests a month? Get in touch with us, we can help!

All our plans offer these product features:

  • Saas hosting
  • Easily integrate a wide range of commercial and open-source tools into your CI/CD
  • Create and integrate your own tools
  • Uleska only charges you for test meaning you can have unlimited Apps
  • Track and report change
  • Download generated reports
  • Provide different users access based on their user type
  • Automatically calculate the potential cost to your Organisation of a Vulnerability
  • Provide engineers with insights into how to fix the vulnerability
  • Group together your tools of choice for easy integration to gain full test coverage.


Set up your Application Security quickly and easily with our Professional Services.  With our professional services we’ll help you to integrate all the security tools you need in your SDLC in a way that is fast, flexible, and easy to use.

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Do I have to sign a long-term contract? View
No, you don't have to if you don't want to. As a Uleska SaaS customer you'll only pay monthly and can cancel at any time. For Enterprise customers wanting an on-prem deployment, please contact us to discuss options.
Do I need a license for the commercial tools? View
You can use your own license for the commercial tools in our toolkit. If you don't have a license then please get in touch with us as we have partnerships with the vendors and can help you secure one.
How is Uleska hosted? View
Uleska SaaS is hosted in our AWS multi-tenanted cluster.

For on-premise deployments you will need a system that's capable of running Kubernetes and you will be supplied with the components needed to install the system. Please get in touch for further details.
How is it priced & what does a 'test' mean? View
Uleska is priced based on the number of test tools that you run.  Depending on your license tier you are assigned credits ('tests') that reduce each time you activate a test tool in a pipeline (toolkit) according to how many tools you've configured for that pipeline.

For example, let's say you've configured 5 tools in a test pipeline (toolkit). Each time you start a test run and each tool runs successfully, you will have used up 5 credits.

If a tool fail to run for any reason you will not be debited a test.

Test credits will be renewed every month, on the date you started your subscription.  If at any time during the month you require to run further tests, you can upgrade your subscription to obtain further test credits for immediate use.
What tools are supported? View

A full list of tools can be found in our Docs [HERE].