A plan for everyone.


Free for open source and personal projects. Commercial companies get started with DevSecOps free for 3 months.

  • Dynamic security testing.
  • Up to 4 scans per month
  • Single user
  • PDF, API & CSV reporting options


The ideal plan for many organisations looking for quick and easy setup in the Uleska Cloud.

  • £4 per month
  • £2500 annually
    1 Projects
  • Unlimited integration of tools (custom tools require dedicated instance)
  • Unlimited scans
  • Unlimited users
  • PDF, API & CSV reporting options
  • Simple VPN options available for onsite testing.


On-premise Kubernetes deployment for businesses requiring on-site testing executions.

  • £10 per month
  • £1900 annually
    1 Projects
  • Unlimited integration of tools, including custom tools
  • Unlimited scans
  • Unlimited users
  • PDF, API, CSV & GraphQL reporting options


Uleska and partners can help you develop your DevSecOps program, including security tooling, automation, and everything else.

Contact our sales team for more details.

  • Multiple Deployment Methods
    Cloud, On-Prem or managed service can be used for deployment.
  • Unlimited scans
  • Setup of DevOps Security program
  • Priority Support

What is a Project?

A project is what you make it. For many companies, a project would be an application being developed.  For others , it might be a collection of 11 repositories each implementing a web service. For others it could be a bunch of micro services delivered by a third-party.

With Uleska you can group your repositories, web services, applications, etc, into projects to test and monitor them as you develop them. It's fair to say a project is unlikely to have more than 20 repositories or end points, so we do limit each project to 20 entries.

Security testing and results are set per repository/end point, with metrics and statistics rolled up into the project, team, divisions, and overall organisation.

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