Uleska – enabling you to Automate
application security scans

We know application security is often overlooked during the development
process. The Uleska platform integrates with your existing CI/CD and
security tools to enable your business to run secure development life cycles
without impacting speed or cost.

Set and Forget
Automation of AppSec Tools


Our solution is automated in sync with your CI/CD pipelines and is happy to just get to work without any real need for maintenance or management. It can trigger tools to work at the right time depending on the outcome it finds - again, without any manual input needed. Get your valuable time back and focus on what’s important with our automated solution.

Centralised Space (low opacity tools)
AppSec Visibility


Are you currently working with a range of different tools which have different outputs which have different triggers in different environments? We make it easy to see what’s going on and where your current risk lies. Run all your tools from one place, including custom scripts, and view the most important actionable vulnerabilities from simple to use dashboards and reports.

Focus on whats important
AppSec Remediation

Focus on what’s important

Delete those awkward spreadsheets that are filled with false positives and take up too much time. We can help you focus on new security issues, as well as prioritise issues, regardless of the tool that raised it. That way you can plan your time and resources in the best possible way. We bring all of the tool outputs together for you without any awkward or time-consuming overlap. Simple.

Theres no need to start from scratch (vertical format)
DevSecOps Orchestration

There’s no need to start from scratch

You shouldn’t have to waste time running or maintaining security solutions because they don’t integrate well with existing workflows. Uleska provides reliable and repeatable orchestration of your security tools in a new security pipeline, meaning they easily integrate with your CI platforms and DevOps workflows.

Uleska Professional Services

Set up your Application Security quickly and easily with our Professional Services.  With our professional services we’ll help you to integrate all the security tools you need in your SDLC in a way that is fast, flexible, and easy to use.

Simple, streamlined and seamless integrations


DevOps teams indicated that security, compliance and governance was their top technology bottleneck.


The number of times the average web app is attacked each month

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