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Uleska SecureDesigner

Empowering Software Teams



Uleska brings you SecureDesigner, a product that automatically empowers software teams to secure applications during everyday development.


Available as a SaaS, or deployed to your site, the SecureDesigner web interface allows software teams to know what security they need to apply, how to apply it, and assure your application is secure through our automated security testing.


SecureDesigner works in seconds, touching your planning, coding and testing phases.

Requirements Component

SecureDesigners’ requirements module ensures that all stakeholders (developers, testers, auditors, security teams) can easily understand the required security features and processes that must be implemented into a project. This saves significant manual time.


SecureDesigner will automatically create an intuitive and project specific requirements set that empowers software teams with actionable information to know where security needs to be applied as they are writing their code.


SecureDesigner does this by allowing the software team to quickly and easily define project interfaces and data. This is combined with technical details of the security laws, standards and regulations the project must adhere to.


SecureDesigner then generates, on the fly, intelligent security requirements, born from analysis of the project interfaces, data sensitivities and data flows. Uleska will highlight new and varied attack vectors, based on analysis of the project.


SecureDesigner then makes it easy to distribute these requirements to stakeholders working on the project. Thanks to SecureDesigners’ agile approach, security requirements can be updated and communicated at the touch of a button, if and when the project changes.

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Generated Security Code Component

SecureDesigners’ code generation module provides best practice security feature implementations, designed by security architects, and security tested.  Code created is specific to your project interfaces and data, meeting the needs of your security standards and regulations.  This saves development time on common security feature development, and provides piece of mind, knowing that this code has already been checked for vulnerabilities.


SecureDesigner analyses your project definition with your companies security needs, to generate security feature implementations at the touch of a button.  Security features can be integrated into your existing code base, similar to other third-party software libraries such as openssl or springsecurity.


SecureDesigner can also make use of existing best practice, open source, security libraries, adding logic to ensure those libraries are used correctly, in all of the right places, and with the necessary configuration to ensure your security standards are met.


SecureDesigners’ agile approach allows your security features to reach to new exploits or attacks found in the industry.  SecureDesigner can be easily upgraded with the latest protections, which can then be integrated into your next software build.

Automated Security Tests Component

SecureDesigners’ security testing module generates an extensive, and custom, suite of security tests, specific to your project and security standards.  This auto-generated suite can contain hundreds of security tests which can be run via existing automated testing frameworks, allowing you to instantly verify the security of your software.


SecureDesigner uses established security logic, along with knowledge of your project, to instantly create a suite of tests to run against your nightly or release builds.  These tests ensure those deployments comply with your security standards and regulations. No longer do you need to wait until the end of your project for security consultants to run security tests, or struggle with false positives.


SecureDesigner creates these automated testing suits to fit with continuous integration methods, such as Jenkins.  Allowing you to automatically ensure the latest build of your software is secure during each automated testing cycle, or facilitating security orientated test driven development.


SecureDesigners’ agile nature allows these testing suites are updated upon project changes, ensuring they are accurate and relative to your project.

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