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Value at Risk Translation & Reporting

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In addition to producing an intelligent, prioritised list of AppSec issues Uleska can automatically translate technical risk into monetary risk, helping teams with a risk-based approach prioritising issues that will affect a business’s bottom line. 


Uleska’s risk modelling encompasses three key areas to make an intelligent and insightful judgement on the likely monetary risk posed by every web application weakness.


These areas include:


The technical nature of the security issue found. Is the issue easy or hard to exploit, what skills or tooling would be necessary, or are there any current trends of the issue being exploited? 


The environment of the system and user access level. Is the issue exploitable by anyone on the internet, do they need to be authenticated or not, or can only insiders exploit the issue?


The assets affected by the issue include high-risk financial, PII, healthcare, etc. For example, is this an issue that’s difficult to exploit, only by an insider, yet the issue only leaks publically available information?


Or is it an issue open to every one of us, and leaks personally identifiable information which will result in a large fine? 


Uleska risk scoring module, developed in collaboration with one of the world’s largest professional services businesses, gives you a unique risk view that you can manage.


Our risk portal also allows you to view risk trends over time, specific to applications, teams, or even regions, allowing for digestible information which can inflict extensive change.


This combination will allow you to make critical risk-based decisions based on evidence, in a timely manner, and direct resources to address high-level vulnerabilities sooner.